PEL 425 Flat Glassdoor Blaze Water Dispenser: Energy efficient, low noise, energy-efficient. Includes cool cabinet for storage.

Our latest technology provides chilled water in no time
This unique feature gives you less noise and low power consumption.
a cool cabinet that can store food and drinks up to 3°C.


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Refreshment is elevated by the PEL 425 Water Dispenser. For effective and fulfilling hydration, pure copper pipes optimize heat transfer by maximizing refrigerant contact. We should dive into the key highlights that make the PEL 425 a champion in the domain of water containers.

Key Features:

  • Large Capacity (4.9 Liters): The gadget flaunts a more than adequate supply, making it ideal for families or workplaces with continuous use. This liberal limit guarantees a consistent supply of both hot and cold water, available to meet people’s demand for hydration
  • Low Voltage Start: The PEL 425 is designed to adjust different power conditions. Making it an optimal decision for locales with fluctuating power. With its low-voltage start feature, the allocator ensures uninterrupted access to revitalizing water, even in areas prone to electrical failure.
  • Quiet Activity: Express farewell to the troublesome noise frequently connected with water dispensers. The PEL 425’s calm activity permits you to partake in a quiet and peaceful hydration experience. Whether set in a bustling office climate or a quiet home setting, this distributor guarantees that your snapshots of reward remain undisturbed.
  • Energy-Proficient: In a period where maintainability is paramount, the PEL 425 starts to lead the pack with its energy-productive plan. The container’s low power utilization lines up with natural contemplations as well as adds to the cost of investment funds on your power bills. Partake in the advantages of hot and cold water without settling for less energy efficiency.
  • Hot and Cold Water: Flexibility is a sign of the PEL 425. Whether you hunger for a reviving taste of chilled water on a searing day or a consoling cup of heated water for your number one refreshment, this container conveys both with equivalent artfulness. The double usefulness takes special care of a range of inclinations and requirements.
  • Automatic indoor regulator: The container is furnished with a programmed indoor regulator, guaranteeing that your water keeps a predictable temperature. This element adds an additional layer of accommodation, permitting you to get to water at the ideal warmth for your different needs.

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Gray, Black, Golden, Green, Red, Silver

  • Type: Curved Glass Door
  • Colour: Red Blaze
  • Net Weight:19 kg
  • Gross Weight (Kg):21 kg
  • Dimensions(WxDxH): 310 x 320 x 1070 mm
  • Voltage / Frequency: 220 / 50 (Volts/Hz)
  • Cooling Current: 0.6 Amperes
  • Heating Current:2.2 Amperes
  • Cooling Power:100 Watt
  • Heating Power:500 Watt
  • Cold Tank Capacity: 3.7 Liters
  • Hot Tank Capacity: 1.2 Liters
  • Refrigerant (R134a) 40 Grams


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