Warranty Coverage:

At our home appliance retail shop, we offer warranties for eligible products bought from us. These warranties encompass manufacturing defects and functional issues encountered during regular appliance usage. The duration and extent of coverage may vary based on the product and manufacturer.

Warranty Period:

Warranty Claim Process:

Warranty Exclusions:

Repair, Replacement, or Refund:

Upon approval of a valid warranty claim, we will strive to address the matter by either repairing the appliance, replacing it with an identical or comparable model, or offering a refund, as deemed appropriate. The determination regarding repair, replacement, or refund will be based on the nature of the issue and the availability of parts or a suitable replacement.

Warranty Limitations:

Customer Responsibilities:

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Customer Support:

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the warranty policy or a warranty claim, please contact our customer support team.
Our team is available during business hours to provide the necessary support.
Business hour 11:00 AM to 8:00PM Monday to Saturday (03333633637)

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