Haier Washer HWM 80-60: 8kg,er 2-Year Warranty, Lint Filter, Virgin Plastic, Strong Program.

Lint Filter
Vrgin Plastic
Standard Strong Program


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The Haier Washer HWM 80-60: 8kg is like your laundry superhero! It kicks out the laundry blues and brings in clean bliss. Its robust features make it take on dirt like a champ and vanish off against dirty dishes. It’s more than a washing machine; it’s a laundry liberation transformation. Enjoy the peaceful and pleasant feelings with Haierstore.

Dive deep into the HWM 80-60’s Features Haven at electro zone:

  • Expansive 8 kg Capacity: Accomplish your laundry challenges with the Haier HWM 80-60! Put in your messy stuff, like soccer jerseys, spaghetti-stained aprons, and the decorative duvet your dog made.
  • 99.99% Copper Motor: Behold, it’s power! This monster motor battles dirt like a superhero, eliminating stains quicker than a cheetah chasing its breakfast.
  • Virgin Plastic Guardian Angel: Your charming fabrics deserve the finest. The virgin plastic drum embraces your clothing like a loving protector, safeguarding its colors and textures from damage.
  • Whisper-Quiet Hero: No more laundry noise dramas; the Haier HWM 80-60 fights filth with elegance, providing you with silence and turning up the music for a washing dance session, because this is not an ordinary machine.
  • Rock-Solid Warranty: Be confident with the Haier HWM 80-60’s strong 2  + 1 year warranty. Spin, soak, and air-dry with assurance, knowing you’re protected.

The Haier Washer HWM 80-60: 8kg isn’t just a washing machine; it’s a laundry superhero, turning your clothes wrinkle-free. Say goodbye to chores and stains. Get it at Haier.com today, and let the HWM 80-60 make your milky whites sparkling clean.

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  • Code: CC04N0Z07
  • Color: Grey
  • Type: Washer
  • Wash Capacity : 8
  • Progrem: Standard, Strong
  • Outer cabinit material: Virgin Plastic
  • Inner Drum: Virgin Plastic
  • Motor : 99.99% Copper
  • Dimention(mm)h*w*d: 940*455*490
  • Weight(Kg): 16 Kg
  • Warranty: 2+1 Years


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