Haier HDF-245INV 10 CFT Inverter 2 in 1 Single Door Full Deep Freezer White

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Boost your kitchen capacity with electrolux pk: Haier HDF-245INV 10 CFT, Your Glacial Gourmet Retreat
Create a kitchen where ice reigns supreme, tastes freeze-frame mid-burst, and feasts arise from glacial splendor. Enter the Haier Deep Freezer HDF-245INV, your doorway to an Arctic pantry paradise. This isn’t your grandmother’s icebox; it’s a gastronomic cryo-chamber, a taste fortress, and a monument to frozen perfection.

Colossal Bounty: Forget freezer tetris. With a wide 245-liter belly, the Haier HDF-245INV 10 CFT swallows supermarket hauls whole, converting them into a treasure trove of cold pleasures.
Arctic Embrace: Don’t simply freeze; cryogenically suspend. This beast plunges to a bone-chilling -28°C, where time bends to its will. Food isn’t frozen solid; it’s suspended in exquisite freshness for a mind-blowing 100 hours. Say goodbye to freezer burn and frosty disappointment. With the HDF-245INV, your ingredients return from their frost-kissed sleep as vivid and tasty as the day they were harvested, caught, or slaughtered.
Stylish and spacious, it’s a stylish addition to your culinary kingdom. Its sleek style compliments any kitchen landscape, but its spacious interior (790mm x 745mm x 895mm) is a heaven for organizing.
voltage range: Embrace worry-free freezing with a broad voltage range (105V–260V) that adjusts to any power grid.
Cool Copper Alchemy: This isn’t a frail icebox; it’s a culinary fortification. The copper evaporator on all four sides guarantees uniform cooling and long-lasting performance.
Enlightening Chill: Illuminating your freezing dominion, LED lights offer a touch of refinement to the freezer’s interior. No more rummaging in the dark!

FAQs: Your Frosty Curiosity Fulfilled:

Q1: How large is this beast?
A1: It features a huge 245 liters of total gross capacity, enough to accommodate your frozen dreams and then some.
Q2: How quickly does the Super Freeze feature work?
A2: It’s a frosty speed demon, sealing in freshness 30% quicker than your normal freezer.
Q3: Can I modify the temperature for various foods?
A3: Absolutely! The adjustable temperature control allows you to personalize the coolness to your preferences.

The Haier Deep Freezer 10 CFT HDF-245INV isn’t simply an appliance; it’s a doorway to a world of culinary possibilities. It’s the key to unlocking the freshest tastes, the basis for feasts to remember, and protecting your frozen dreams.




Dawlance, Haier

  • Type: Chest Freezer
  • Total Gross capacity Ltr: 245
  • Freezer Gross Capacity Ltr.: 245
  • Dimension(W*D*H): 790*745*895
  • Gross Capacity (Cubic Ft.): 8.66
  • Temp Freezer: Min -28
  • Net Weight (Kg): 42 kg
  • Gross Weight (Kg): 46 Kg
  • Voltage Range: 105V-260V
  • Refrigrent: R600a
  • Food Basket: 1
  • Super Freeze Function: yes
  • LED Lights: 1
  • Power On Indicator: yes
  • Climate Class: T
  • Copper Evaporator: 4 sides
  • Warranty: 10 Years Compressor Warranty


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