Instant Gas Water Heater DG-06L (CRYSTAL)


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he appliance showcases an elegant design accentuated by a glass panel. It incorporates a flow sensor that facilitates low-pressure start-up, complemented by pulse automatic ignition. The LCD display provides intuitive control, while features such as flue-blockage protection, over-heating protection, flameout protection, anti-dry burning protection, and over water pressure protection ensure enhanced safety and longevity.

Technical Details
  • Advanced Heat Exchanger: Heat exchanger built with heavy copper design.
  • Auto Cut-Off Protection: Equipped with an automatic cut-off protection device.
  • Precise Ignition Control: Utilizes later pressure-controlled automatic ignition.
  • Low Water Pressure Startup: Capable of initiating at low water pressure levels.
  • Seasonal Adaptation: Features anti-freezing protection with a winter/summer switch.
  • Energy Efficiency: Achieves energy savings of up to 40%.
  • Compact and Durable: Compact body made from prime rust-free material.
  • Digital Display: Includes digital temperature display and shower controls.
  • Heating Capacity: Offers a heating capacity of 06 Liters.
  • Stylish design with glass panel.
  • Low-pressure start-up facilitated by flow sensor.
  • Pulse automatic ignition.
  • LCD display for intuitive control.
  • Multiple protections: flue-blockage, over-heating, flameout, anti-dry burning, and over water pressure.
  • Elegant design with glass panel.
  • Flameout protection.
  • Anti-dry burning protection.
  • Over water pressure protection.
  • Flue-blockage protection.
  • LCD display.
  • Over-heating protection.


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