Electric Gas Water Heater Big Tank DEG-25 Deluxe


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The water tank boasts a dip galvanized prime heavy gauge construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Complementing it is the IIL GI transmission pipe, while the pre-painted UV resistant outer body maintains its aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of Prime Kimmco Insulation with a density of 12kg/m3 enhances efficiency, coupled with a QC approved brass safety valve and a thermal efficient burner made from grey iron casting. With a tank capacity of 25 gallons, this versatile appliance operates seamlessly on both electric and gas sources.

Technical Details
  • Robust dip galvanized tank with heavy-gauge build.
  • Reliable IIL GI transmission pipe
  • UV-resistant pre-painted exterior.
  • Efficient Prime Kimmco Insulation (density: 12kg/m3).
  • Quality-controlled brass safety valve.
  • Grey iron thermal efficient burner.
  • 25-gallon capacity for ample storage.
  • Dual functionality: electric and gas operation.
  • Efficiency optimized by grey iron casted thermal efficient burner.
  • 25-gallon tank capacity catering to ample storage requirements.
  • Versatility offered by dual functionality: electric and gas operation.
  • Anti Scaling Rod to Prevent Scale Buildup
  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Tank for Durability
  • Special Glass Wool Insulation for Energy Efficiency
  • Best Quality Heating Element Ensures Longevity
  • IIL Transmission Pipe & X-Ray Welding for Leak Prevention
  • Rotary Thermostat for Precise Temperature Control
  • 2000W Imported Steel Element for Rapid Heating
  • Heating Capacity: 20 Gallons Per Hour
  • Equipped with Safety Valve & Gauge Meter for User Safety


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