Haier HSU-24HFCD 2 Ton Triple Inverter AC, UPS, Anti-Corrosion, Self-Cleaning, 100% Copper

UPS Enabled with Additional Device
Turbo Cooling & Heating
One Touch Cleaning

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Elevate your indoor comfort with the Haier HSU-24HFCD 2 Ton Triple Inverter AC. Designed for optimal performance and energy efficiency, this air conditioner combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. Discover the key benefits of this exceptional model below:

Key Features:

Triple Inverter Technology:
The advanced Triple Inverter technology ensures high efficiency, consistent cooling, and significant energy savings compared to conventional air conditioners.

Powerful 2 Ton Cooling Capacity:
Ideal for medium to large-sized rooms, providing efficient and effective cooling even in extreme weather conditions.

Built-in UPS Function:
Equipped with a UPS function to keep the AC running during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted comfort.

Anti-Corrosion Coating:
The outdoor unit is protected with a special anti-corrosion coating, enhancing durability and extending the life of the AC unit.

Self-Cleaning Feature:
The self-cleaning function helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment by removing dust and bacteria from the evaporator coil.

100% Copper Condenser:
The use of 100% copper in the condenser and evaporator coils ensures superior heat exchange, durability, and long-term reliability.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant:
Uses R-32 refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and has a lower global warming potential compared to traditional refrigerants.

Smart Controls: Comes with intuitive controls for easy operation, allowing you to adjust settings and manage the AC’s performance with convenience.

Upgrade your cooling experience with the Haier HSU-24HFCD 2 Ton Triple Inverter AC, designed to deliver superior comfort, efficiency, and durability for your home or office.

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General Parameters
  • Ton: 2 Ton
  • Fixed or inverter: DC Inverter
  • Cooling Capacity(BTU): 24000
  • Heating Capacity(BTU): 25000
  • Air Circulation(m³/h): 1150
  • Power Input(W)-Cooling: 610 ~ 2870
  • Power Input(W)-Heating: 630 ~ 2890
  • Running Current(A)-Cooling: 3.0 ~13
  • Running Current(A)-Heating: 3.1 ~13.1
  • Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz): 1/220/50
  • Capacity wise: 2-Ton
  • Category wise: DC Inverter
  • Color: White
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Display: Hidden LED
Main Parts
  • Refrigerant: icon R-32
  • Refrigerant pipe: Liq Side: 6mm, Gas side: 12mm
  • Net Dimension&Weight
  • Indoor Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 1015/325/225
  • Outdoor Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 820/300/610
  • Indoor Weight(kg): 14.5
  • Outdoor Weight(kg): 40
  • Indoor Noise[dB(A)] (H/M/L): 62
  • Outdoor Noise[dB(A)]: 68
  • Warranty: 10 Years Compressor,
  • 4 Years PCB,
  • 1 Year Parts
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