Haier HSU-12 HFCA 1 Ton Triple Inverter Star, Self-Cleaning, UPS Enabled, Efficient Power Input

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Detailed product description for the Haier HSU-12 HFCA 1 Ton Triple Inverter Star Air Conditioner for your website “Electro Zone PK“:

Welcome to Electro Zone PK, where you’ll find the latest in home comfort technology. Introducing the Haier HSU-12 HFCA 1 Ton Triple Inverter Star Air Conditioner, designed to provide you with optimal cooling efficiency and unparalleled comfort. With advanced features and innovative technology, this air conditioner is perfect for both residential and small commercial spaces. Discover the benefits of staying cool with Haier’s cutting-edge air conditioning solutions.

Key Features

Triple Inverter Technology

Experience superior cooling performance and energy efficiency with the advanced Triple Inverter Technology. This feature ensures stable temperature control, quieter operation, and significant energy savings.

1 Ton Capacity

Ideal for medium-sized rooms, the 1 Ton capacity offers effective cooling to keep your space comfortable during hot weather.

Energy Star Rating

Save on electricity bills with the Energy Star rating. The HSU-12 HFCA is designed to consume less power while delivering maximum cooling efficiency.

Self-Cleaning Function

Enjoy a clean and fresh environment with the Self-Cleaning feature. This function automatically cleans the evaporator coils to ensure optimal performance and improve air quality.

UPS Enabled

The UPS Enabled feature ensures that the air conditioner continues to operate during power interruptions. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling and peace of mind even during power outages.

Efficient Power Input

The Haier HSU-12 HFCA is engineered for efficient power input, reducing overall energy consumption without compromising on performance.

Quiet Operation

Benefit from a quieter environment with the low-noise operation of the air conditioner. Its design minimizes noise for a more peaceful living or working space.

Smart Temperature Control

Maintain the perfect temperature with the intelligent temperature control system. It adjusts cooling output based on your preferences and room conditions for optimal comfort.

Why Choose Haier HSU-12 HFCA?

The Haier HSU-12 HFCA 1 Ton Triple Inverter Star Air Conditioner is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable, energy-efficient cooling solution. With its advanced features, you’ll experience superior comfort and performance throughout the year.

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General Parameters
  • Ton: 1Ton
  • Fixed or inverter: DC Inverter
  • Cooling Capacity(BTU): 13000
  • Heating Capacity(BTU): 13500
  • Air Circulation(m³/h): 700
  • Power Input(W)-Cooling: 450 ~ 1410
  • Power Input(W)-Heating: 450 ~ 1450
  • Running Current(A)-Cooling: 2.6 ~ 6.6
  • Running Current(A)-Heating: 2.6 ~ 6.7
  • Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz): 1/220/50
  • Capacity wise: 1-Ton
  • Category wise: DC Inverter
  • Color: White
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Display: Hidden LED
Main Parts
  • Refrigerant: icon R32
  • Refrigerant pipe: Liq Side: 6mm, Gas side: 9mm
  • Net Dimension&Weight
  • Indoor Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 850/295/210
  • Outdoor Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 700/245/535
  • Indoor Weight(kg): 11.5
  • Outdoor Weight(kg): 26
  • Indoor Noise[dB(A)] (H/M/L): 41/36/30
  • Outdoor Noise[dB(A)]: 52
Mobile App
  • Haier Smart Air: https://uhome.haieriot.net/download/airkit/
  • Warranty: 10 Years Compressor, 4 Years PCB, 1 Year Parts


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